May is Military Appreciation Month. What have you done for a Veteran lately? And So you think you really know the Hells Angels or for that matter the real SAMCRO MC?

KTOW FM 105.7

motr logoDevils Angels

So you really think you know the Hell’s Angels, or for that matter the real SAMCRO MC? Most likely you don’t. You look at us on our bikes or at our radical rides and just turn up your noses. You consider us as though we are Lucifer himself. Did you know that both the Angels and SAMCRO MC were formed out of  military air combat squadrons? The Knytes-of-Dixie is a regional Charter of SAMCRO MC. The Knytes were reformed in 2001 from a few good Marine and Navy Aviators from the VMA-214 BlackSheep. We are nick-named the AyreWolves and our inside group is called the WolfPack. Few if any squadron has worn the globe and anchor more proudly than the 214, and fewer still honor that globe and anchor more than the WolfPack. In my own service I flew SAR Helicopters for and with the 214. I also flew sorties…

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