When Computers and evolution live well together, rather than collide.

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I probably will not live long enough to see computer systems and programs that instinctively live well together, rather than collide, or that companies get ate up by larger companies only to be terminated. Example; tried to update my RealTek, Audio system drivers etc on the older computer that our dear friend near Wendell gave to me. Only problem is its not RealTek the computer is reading. Still its only seeing the Microsoft Audio Device. Not RealTek. Guess unless RealTek went belly up, have to find the audio program, on a disc and load it myself. Too bad that AI can’t do that, or that Google’s search can’t give me the entire program . Unlike old Bessie, that experienced a blue screen earlier tonight which only part of why I wasn’t on air. But Bessie came automaticly with RealTek, and so did my mini Laptop, meaning a driver update was…

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