Some days I wish Rick was a woman.

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Some days I really wish Rick, my Bro in Wyoming was female. It seems that for every female he or I attempt to get serious about, we get kicked in the teeth , the groin and wake up in dread wishing we were dead. The funds are spent by the woman of interest, then here we are picking up pieces of a life.  As it is I’m courting this sweet honey from Texas, don’t know what Rick is doing or who he is doing, I know of two that are very interested, but it seems he ain’t. Guess one gets stung enough times, you say no more to trouble your mind.  The thing for the most part Rick and I’s brains drain in about the same way. He likes, trucks, bikes and muscle cars. I don’t know what happened to the newer Impala, that I finagled out of my Cousin…

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