No war or battle was ever won by quitting

Yesterday I had a rude awakening. Not the couple upstairs balling each other and hearing straining bed springs. Nope , My phone was unplugged. Yep disconnected after how many years with Verizon, and they couldn’t wait until President Trumps Military Pension dispensing system puts money into my bank account. Nope, no money at least until mid week next week which means I’m going to be humbling myself to my new Bishop over here for rent money. Then came the delay with PoohBear who nearly got run over going to the store to send me money, which caused her to bust her arm. So with that and the constant $5.00 a day overdraft charges. Which wouldn’t have been a problem, had DoD and President Trump fuggling up the Government money just because he needs to prove a point, that he will build the great wall. Watch Michelle Obama become President in 20/20. All of which brought my brain to drain a bit. In May 2017 I relocated amongst great protest of the WolfPack and a few others, here to Western Idaho. Thought was Move here, find studio set up media op, hire someone to take care of and mind the duties required to maintain the thing, and relocate back to ETown Wyoming. Good in theory, bad put into operation. Few that we interviewed even had or have any idea of how to walk into a radio studio, plant their fine butts in a chair and with little training do a show. That talent is just not here right now, or is it? Sure it may just be hiding, why not work with the blooming community college we have here, get some locals into training and stage classes on basic broadcasting skills? There’s an old verbage saying that goes to cause and effect here. Doing the same things, the same way and expecting different results is just plain stupid. So thought is, until the situation with LexiBelle is cured, a facility that can stomach a full on performance based tow service , why not get both in the air, and back on the air? Sure the mess in Jerome, was bad, based on predjudice of neighbors in Wendell, Idaho. And Greed from the idiot whose days are numbered as God counts the hairs on ones head. I thought, it ain’t so bad here. Sure Internet sucks since its on wifi. There are bugs in the place something that can be cured with bleach and such. But I have cable, a TV that I can watch. A fellow aviator that rented me a shop so why not change a few things? Change phone companies. Sure when I was in Etown, only had one maybe two sources, Verizon and one other. Union Cell. There wasn’t a choice. Here, from Cricket to PC Metro is withing reach. As far as the bank that keeps tapping my ass every month. Bullsbreath there are choices here for that. In time retrieve LexiBelle, build up my fleet here and no disrespect to Charlie and A1, but maybe Dixie, and/or RodeWolf Towing needs to flex some muscle. Why should I only be making $20.00 on a $150.00 tow call, when I can make $40.00 on a $80.00 a tow call. Be less expensive than any and really compete, against them all? Bottom line, I’m done getting it up my anus, and am more in the though that maybe its time to come out of hiding , let AyreWolf(HazzardAyre) Fly, RodeWolf Toew, and Hazzard County Choppers build bikes. What does that mean for the WolfPack? Big Jon, called me yesterday before Verizon unplugged me, the conversation was on the concept, of me taking control of the WolfPack here, let him and Rick in Wyoming take charge of the Knytes in Utah and Wyoming, and examine everything come this fall at our High Council meeting in Nevada. 




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