Young women ought to not take on vocations that involves intelligence or responsibility.

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pappy's journal

Women younger than about 28 years old into mid 30’s should never be assigned or hired for any kind of vocation or job, that requires them to think, outside of a box, or beyond a written script. They just can’t function. Especially if they are working with other women their age, or younger. Or at a place that they feel useless in, which they are to begin with. Not saying all women are stupid, not saying that after a very long period(no pun intended) of training they can’t function, but even then a guy should be there that have at least had their balls dropped. I’m sorry our education system has not taught any kind of immediate problem solving, the always party mental state is constant. And by themselves women don’t do much except carve things out on FakeBook. What began this path of mental flight of mine here is…

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Thank God I am Southern Fried and can still Fly

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Thank God I am Southern Fried and as well as I can still fly. For those with their feet and minds so on the ground and those that can’t see anything beyond their immediate view is all too much at least restricted. It’s like making a race horse wear blinders and all so it can’t divert their attention to other things in the wider focus. I was reading with some hilarity, some udderings from a few so called and I mean so called Confederate and so unknowing rebel pages and groups on FB and elsewhere, that the thought or question comes up, would they want to see a rebirth of the reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard? I am not so much sure any more. Now saying that I’m speaking treason and all is not accurate. I am as much if not more of a fan and dedicated to everything…

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No war or battle was ever won by quitting

Yesterday I had a rude awakening. Not the couple upstairs balling each other and hearing straining bed springs. Nope , My phone was unplugged. Yep disconnected after how many years with Verizon, and they couldn’t wait until President Trumps Military Pension dispensing system puts money into my bank account. Nope, no money at least until mid week next week which means I’m going to be humbling myself to my new Bishop over here for rent money. Then came the delay with PoohBear who nearly got run over going to the store to send me money, which caused her to bust her arm. So with that and the constant $5.00 a day overdraft charges. Which wouldn’t have been a problem, had DoD and President Trump fuggling up the Government money just because he needs to prove a point, that he will build the great wall. Watch Michelle Obama become President in 20/20. All of which brought my brain to drain a bit. In May 2017 I relocated amongst great protest of the WolfPack and a few others, here to Western Idaho. Thought was Move here, find studio set up media op, hire someone to take care of and mind the duties required to maintain the thing, and relocate back to ETown Wyoming. Good in theory, bad put into operation. Few that we interviewed even had or have any idea of how to walk into a radio studio, plant their fine butts in a chair and with little training do a show. That talent is just not here right now, or is it? Sure it may just be hiding, why not work with the blooming community college we have here, get some locals into training and stage classes on basic broadcasting skills? There’s an old verbage saying that goes to cause and effect here. Doing the same things, the same way and expecting different results is just plain stupid. So thought is, until the situation with LexiBelle is cured, a facility that can stomach a full on performance based tow service , why not get both in the air, and back on the air? Sure the mess in Jerome, was bad, based on predjudice of neighbors in Wendell, Idaho. And Greed from the idiot whose days are numbered as God counts the hairs on ones head. I thought, it ain’t so bad here. Sure Internet sucks since its on wifi. There are bugs in the place something that can be cured with bleach and such. But I have cable, a TV that I can watch. A fellow aviator that rented me a shop so why not change a few things? Change phone companies. Sure when I was in Etown, only had one maybe two sources, Verizon and one other. Union Cell. There wasn’t a choice. Here, from Cricket to PC Metro is withing reach. As far as the bank that keeps tapping my ass every month. Bullsbreath there are choices here for that. In time retrieve LexiBelle, build up my fleet here and no disrespect to Charlie and A1, but maybe Dixie, and/or RodeWolf Towing needs to flex some muscle. Why should I only be making $20.00 on a $150.00 tow call, when I can make $40.00 on a $80.00 a tow call. Be less expensive than any and really compete, against them all? Bottom line, I’m done getting it up my anus, and am more in the though that maybe its time to come out of hiding , let AyreWolf(HazzardAyre) Fly, RodeWolf Toew, and Hazzard County Choppers build bikes. What does that mean for the WolfPack? Big Jon, called me yesterday before Verizon unplugged me, the conversation was on the concept, of me taking control of the WolfPack here, let him and Rick in Wyoming take charge of the Knytes in Utah and Wyoming, and examine everything come this fall at our High Council meeting in Nevada. 



Some days I wish Rick was a woman.

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Some days I really wish Rick, my Bro in Wyoming was female. It seems that for every female he or I attempt to get serious about, we get kicked in the teeth , the groin and wake up in dread wishing we were dead. The funds are spent by the woman of interest, then here we are picking up pieces of a life.  As it is I’m courting this sweet honey from Texas, don’t know what Rick is doing or who he is doing, I know of two that are very interested, but it seems he ain’t. Guess one gets stung enough times, you say no more to trouble your mind.  The thing for the most part Rick and I’s brains drain in about the same way. He likes, trucks, bikes and muscle cars. I don’t know what happened to the newer Impala, that I finagled out of my Cousin…

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It’s amazing what you can do when your not bogged down with the soap drama called Facebook.

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It’s amazing what you can do and accomplish when your not bogged down with that mess that is today’s Facebook. Now to be be fair, I’m sure Mark Zuckerburg never intended Facebook to become what it has, but Zuckerburg has long ago, left the company, in fact sounds from that California company has it that the Board of Directors and Stock holders are on the verge of giving Zuckerburg the boot, and installing a new more business friendly person as President of that Palo Alto California, illness and Zuckerburg just being a figure head. 

What I have found is that all the pre FakeBook social sites are well and strong. From Lycos, to Google Chat, to Google + is alive and thriving. Who needs the drama, lying, porn or near porn, fake news, (even President Trump considers FakeBook Fake news) People throwing out male scent baits, but when you get…

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and so I finally did it. I got off Facebook. Sometimes Angels are really demons, that must be removed at least your llife

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SAMCRO GAZZETTEPappy's Journal mini

So I finally did it. Was so irked that the latest applicant for a high end carrer spot here at SouthernSteele/HazzardAyre Media, decided to poop out on me and which is par as there is never except from those you damn well know, anything ever fully real and completely transparent on Facebook, never has been never will be. Look Facebook is for people in the tweens, preteens, Teens, twenties and to their mid 40’s not people that have seen the better part of 50. LDS President Nelson, has said and other of our church authorities have said to remove or at least take a long break on social media such as facebook. Enjoy friends, the crisp mountain air, take a long walk , look at the great displays around town of homes and business’s, and do something really important, study scripture. You know really read the old fashioned book. So…

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The Epistle of a Harley riding radio jock. ( ME).

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I haven’t been as usual or as a habit of writing to you all here lately, but be patient with me. Even though we have relocated here to Twin Falls, here in Idaho, I have had my hands full(no pun intended) . The weather first started out with deep snow. I mean really deep snow. Which kept this old high octane canine tow jock busy. Then it turned bitterly cold. Which meant not so many tows , but thawing fuel lines and battery boosts. Of course in amongst that the place I originally had pegged as the new home for HazzardAyre/SAMCRO MC Radio had people that wanted my life’s story and a pint of blood it seamed for a deposit. No thank you, so re-ignition of the radio werx is now delayed. for at least a month which is costing SAMCRO $12k a day. This isn’t a sustainable situation. But…

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